Parental Control Software 

WebAllow WebAllow

Allows only selected approved web sites to be viewed in Internet Explorer. Ideal for business organizations where employees can waste time browsing the Internet. Ideal for call centers, computer stores, schools and colleges.

Website Block Website Block

Blocks websites by domain name, URL or keyword occurrence in the address bar. Perfect parental control tool for use at schools, libraries, hotels and other public locations. A must have software utility at your home computer.

AllowBlock AllowBlock

Blocks or allows selected websites, web pages or entire domain groups. Combines all available  functions of WebAllow and Website Block and brings additional features such blocking file downloads. A full parental control solution. 

IEProtect IEProtect

Password protects selected web addresses. Restrict access to social networking sites such as myspace or facebook, block adult content, protect access to financial sites such as online banking or online brokerage accounts.


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